hand knit wool baby blanket

Garter Stitch Edging
Raspberry Baby Blanket

Pattern: Peaches from Pipsqueaks by Kim Hargreaves

Technique: stockinette stitch on US 4 and US 6 bamboo straights

Yarn: Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann.com in 2010 Raspberry, 5420 Seashell Pink, 1255 Irish Moss, 2132 Mocha Cream, and 3075 Antique Blue.

Completed: December 2006, continue reading for the extended commentary

I’ve been working on this one so long that it’d earned it’s own category long ago. This is the first completely hand knit project that I ever started. The first completely hand knit project I ever FINISHED is the pair of Wonder Pants.

I learned a lot with this one. It’s a special hand knit. It was intended for my baby when I began it in March 2005. Once it got unwieldy, it was harder and harder to squeeze it in the queue. Now that it’s finished (almost 2 years later), it’s too small for the baby. So, it’s going to another baby due in February.

I found Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool to be very splitty. I was knitting tightly but, still. I had to pay attention in order not to keep splitting it, a poor feature for something that’s supposed to be mindless knitting. All of my mistakes blocked out wonderfully. It is this feature that truly makes me love to knit wool. What I love most about this knit is how it was great for low concentration knitting. It relaxed me and spent quite a few hours with me in the salon. Speaking of hours, my guess is that Raspberry took about 20-25 hours to knit. Don’t ask me how I’ve arrived at that number. Call it intuition or whatever. The fact is, my hands say 20-25 hours and since they did the knitting they’d know best.

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