Earth's Bliss Knit Wool Pants- machine knit body, hand knit ribbing
100% Wool, hand finished, knit pants- front
Earth's Bliss Knit Wool Pants- machine knit body, hand knit ribbing- crotch detail
Earth's Bliss Knit Wool Pants- machine knit body, hand knit ribbing- back

Pattern: JOVEN

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Good Earth and Leaf

Technique: Ultimate Sweater Machine in KP 2.5, Hand knit k2p2 ribbing with US 5, 3.75mm circular needles

Completed: September 2007

I am so proud of these. I can say with absolute certainty that these pants came out PERFECT. They feature short rows in the back so that there won’t be any diapers or butt cracks peeking out of the top. The crotch gusset ensures a better fit so that your baby or toddler can move around freely without your having to fear that any seams might get pulled and stretched out over time.

These are the pants that have finally allowed me to say that after 3 years of owning a knitting machine, I have finally made a pair of knit wool pants with all the great options of being knit in the round but knit flat. With the blueprint of these pants, I am finally able to standardize sizes. All of my ideas for the business have come to fruition with these pants.

When I first learned to knit, I learned that hand knitting when you are new to it is quite time-consuming. It didn’t seem I could make money if my business was hand knitting driven. I could crochet fast enough but how was I going to produce all of these beautiful knitted baby clothes in a timely fashion? Enter the Ultimate Sweater Machine. Once I got it, I started making things right away. There was this gray sweater that I ripped out, a pattern from Kangamoo Knits, and then there were these sweaters that I still haven’t finished. And of course, there were the pants. It has taken 4 attempts that require(d) ripping and 3 completed pairs of pants to get to where I am now with this pattern. These below are simply the ones that I haven’t ripped out yet.

knit wool pants, various incarnations

Read the extended entry for more about how I became a work at home mom.

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It began on September 11th, 2001, I went to work having left my son (then 20 months old) in my mother’s care. I got on the E train and fell asleep. I woke up refreshed after about 30 minutes and found that the train was STILL in Queens. It was moving slowly but at least it was still moving. I was happy that I was able to crochet for a while. I had just taught myself how on the internet. I was making a thick black scarf with a vertical, cream stripe along each side.

I finally arrived at my stop, Lexington and 53rd street, and made my way to the deli next to the building where I worked as a Media Research Analyst. I noticed the TV above the cash register. “Huh, burning building…, is that a movie?” I pondered. I noticed the word “LIVE” at the bottom of the screen. My time came to pay and all thoughts of the TV vanished since I was already quite late for work. I paid and went upstairs looking forward to my bagel with cream cheese and my chocolate muffin.

The receptionist greeted me with, “They’re all watching it in Joe’s (the president’s office).” Huh? Watching what? I can’t remember who “told” me or what they said. I just remember thinking when I watched the second tower fall, “Oh man, I’d planned on moving BEFORE this happened”. And then the quest of getting back home began. To make a long story short, my sister and law and I walked out of the city on the Queensborough bridge with hundreds of New Yorkers in front and behind us. Occasionally we’d look at the big cloud of smoke on the right side of the sky.

I was so intent on getting home to my son that instead of waiting a few hours for them to OK the use of the Subway out of the city, I endured some pretty big foot pain from having walked so much in shoes that weren’t made for so much walking. All I knew was that something was going down and my son wasn’t where he was supposed to be- WITH ME. Come October, I gave my notice at work and to my husband, who I informed was going to have to ask for a raise. He got one and my last day of work outside the home was January 25th, 2002.

That was fine for a while. I enjoyed being at home with my son, from what I can remember, and made frequent trips to the park. I grew to love Star Wars from watching all of the movies so often with him. I crocheted often. Then we decided to have baby number two. It dawned on me that I was going to need to make money without leaving my kids and the idea of working from home doing what I ended up loving (crochet) came to me. After various transformations, including a business name change, I came upon a business model that I was comfortable with. The basic idea revolves around being flexible in that if my bigger obligations of homeschooling and parenting demanded more of me, I could pull back from the business by limiting my production levels. This is one of the main reasons Joven Knits are knit upon ordering so I don’t typically have my knits ready to ship immediately. If the time comes that I need to pull back from the business, I can make myself less available for orders and or other business related tasks. For instance there are a lot of yarn options for pants and soakers than I have listed on the site but I can only add swatches as time allows and those will have to do. Another example is that it took me about 7 months to give this site it’s new look. It’s still a major balancing act that has up to this point been quite unbalanced, but I can honestly say that I love this way more than the career I walked away from.