I may be the last one to blog about this but I still need to do my part. In December it came to my attention that toy manufacturers were going to have to comply with rigorous third party testing for lead and phthalates in their finished products. I didn’t worry about much. I thought to myself that yes, I’d write to my state representitives in order to help out but beyond that I went on with my daily life since I don’t make toys.

As the buzz kept growing, I became aware that this new law by the Consumer Product Safety Commission DID in fact, affect me. This law applies to all items manufactured for children’s use- including clothing. I won’t break it all down on this blog, especially when so many other websites have done it so well.

I’ve done my research and it looks like Joven’s business practices won’t be too affected by this law since yarn and fabric seem to have been put on the exempt list as of February 10, 2009. Even still, I’ve written to my representatives based on the letter on the Hand Made Toy Alliance website. I added this last paragraph:

This issue affects me personally as I am a small-business owner who produces garments for children made of natural materials. Providing safe, quality materials to my customers has always been my ultimate priority. Third party testing requirements would cripple my business, adding one more individual to the growing list of unemployed in the United States. Because of the direct impact this has on my family, I will be watching this issue and your participation in it closely.

I urge any of you who haven’t done so to contact state representatives on this matter. Let’s keep small businesses running by making our voices heard. Let us repay them for taking the time to source safe materials to make things for us to purchase.

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