100% Cotton Hat and Booties
Sonata Raglan 100% Cotton Sweater

Pattern: JOVEN

Technique: Sweater- Stockinette Stitch on Ultimate Sweater Machine, Key Plate 1.0; Collar, Ribbing, Button Bands hand knit with US 3 metal straights and US 4 circular needles (for sleeve cuffs)

Hat and Booties- Stockinette Stitch on Ultimate Sweater Machine, Key Plate 1.0; Ribbing hand knit with 3.25mm, 12 inch circular needle

Yarn: Sonata from Elann.com in 7099 Inca Gold, 5398 Cedar, 3085 Pink Pearl, 3611 Ruby and 2355 Tapestry Blue.

Completed: January 2007

It began with a bagel and a deluded sense that somehow, the fact that I had major issues with another cotton sweater would have no bearing on my ability to make a 100% cotton, raglan cardigan quickly and professionally (I even bought ribbon to line the button bands).

And now, thankfully it’s over (without the ribbon because, I have no sewing machine- hence the delusion). A tremendous amount of brain wracking and hand wringing went into the finshing of this sweater. The mattress stitch was off so I kept having to re-do the side seams. I finally figured out where my mistake lay with knitting help.com- apparently I was picking up the bars from the wrong section of the knit. (You need to select the same bar on each side). After that I had to rip out the garter stitch sleeve cuffs that seemed too tight and knit a kp2, p2 ribbing. Finally I attached the buttons and reinforced the button holes by hand with a needle and thread. Of course, there were also the frey check treatments witch took about 3 hours.

Again, I’ve noted how splitty this other yarn is. This one is really bad. The plies just unwind after ripping back the knitting a couple of times. I do love the colors though.

Despite all of the difficulties, I really came away with some useful information to be used in future designs. For instance, selvedges and I look like we could be best friends one day soon. The customer seemed to really like the set, exclaiming how the gift was just right for the recipients.

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