Crocheted Butterfly Purse and Wallet

Pattern: JOVEN, Lisa’s Crocheted Butterfly, Chie Crochets Butterfly Pattern

Technique: Crochet with US H hook for the bag, US F hook for embellishments.

Yarn: Unnamed Pink Acrylic (4 oz); Patons Canadiana 00003 Black (3.5 oz); Patons Grace 60040 Black (1.75 oz)

Completed: November 2009

I designed this as I went along, which means that I’ll have to make another one in order to have a usable pattern. Basically the purse is crocheted in the round from the bottom up. The wallet is crocheted as a flat strip and then sewn down. The big black butterfly on the front of the purse and the small butterfly on the side were done in Patons Grace.

big butterfly close up

big butterfly close up

small butterfly close up

small butterfly close up


I haven’t knit or crocheted since the end of Februrary. I lost the hook I was using to make Mami’s Shawl, and I’ve been too busy to try and figure out where I left off on my unfinished projects. I am feeling the desire though, so once I’ve updated the site, I’ll try to make sense of those WIPs.

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Pattern: JOVEN

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Black, Burgundy; 100% wool

Technique: Ultimate Sweater Machine KP 2.5. Hand knit ribbing in k2p2 with US 5, 3.75mm circular needles.

Completion Date: October 2007

I made these last year for Halloween. My oldest was Aang in fire nation disguise. I don’t have pictures of the complete outfit on the computer since we haven’t developed the film. The picture below is from an artist at Deviant Art.

See the tip and an action shot up close. These gloves are a big favorite in the dress up box. I may make a more girly version and sell them through the site.

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