Knit Cap Sleeve Baby Sweater (front)

Knit Cap Sleeve Baby Tee (front)

Pattern: JOVEN

Yarn: Patons Bumblebee in Water Lily; 100% cotton

Technique: Machine Knit on the Ultimate Sweater Machine KP 1.0, Crocheted Hems and Collar with US hook.

Completion Date: June 2009

This knitted baby tee is an old project from way back in 2004. I had originally planned a knitted collar but I wasn’t happy with how things were looking that way. I re-knit that collar 3 times over the past two years in order to finally decide on the crochet collar. I would knit the collar, put the project down for a few weeks and then decide that I didn’t like it. After that I wouldn’t touch it again for quite a while before I tried again. I’m happy with how this crocheted collar worked out. It gives structure to the soft, loosely draped, cotton. The sleeves and bottom hem received the same treatment- rows of single crochet in the round. See the back.

The sweater pictured above is the 3 -6 month size. I gave it to my son’s speech therapist who went on maternity leave after seeing him weekly for 2 years.

I’m writing patterns for other sizes so you can order your own sweater now even though I haven’t made an order page for the site. Simply use this contact form and you can place an order that way. Right now you can order one in white, green and baby blue.

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