primary plus wool soaker front

primary plus wool soaker front

primary plus wool soaker back

Pattern: JOVEN

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Rich Red, Sage, Maize and Dusky Blue; 100% wool

Technique: Crochet in the round with US H hook. Hand knit ribbing in k2p2 with US 5, 3.75mm circular needles.

Completion Date: September 2007

Available for purchase at JOVEN

This is a much improved version of the Primary Plus soaker from three years ago. The big difference here is shaping. Unlike the previous version (which essentially looks like a rectangle with holes for legs) this soaker actually has some. I’m quite proud of my improvement in technique.

I’ve been too busy knitting to post much. There are still 2 more projects from 2007 that you haven’t seen and three from 2008 as well. I’ve also been working on the WIPs although nothing is done. I realize that a big reason some of these projects aren’t finished yet is that they’re black. I need to be in sunlight to work on these and I mostly work at night. I’ll finish them eventually.

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