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Baby and Child Clothing Shopping
Unique Handmade and Hand Finished Children's Clothing

Joven: A store with unique, handmade, and hand finished children's clothing. We aim to make clothing shopping for your baby and child an informative and rewarding experience.

Joven (pronounced Hó-ven) means "young" in Spanish. To us the name conveys an image of freshness, newness and purity. This is why we try not only to have new and unique styles to our knits, we also use natural fibers for our apparel. We are dedicated to growing naturally as we do business, from using organic or hemp fabrics whenever possible to using recycled or tree free paper for our paper needs.

Joven's goal is two-fold. First it is to provide quality clothes for children from birth to age 5 that are made from organic or alternative natural materials with unique designs. Central to this is having hand finished, knit and crocheted garments with a more updated look than traditionally seen with knit and crocheted clothing. Joven's second goal is to support parents who practice Elimination Communication by providing a venue in which to choose from various EC helpful products. In addition to these goals, we hope to provide information supporting Baby Wearing, Breastfeeding, Conscious/ Attachment parenting, Elimination Communication and Unassisted Childbirth via our Resources page.

My name is Ingrid and I live with my husband Victor and our three sons. Joven as a business had been a concept for over two years, finally launching on the web on January 5th, 2005. The idea came to me shortly after I quit my full-time job to stay home with my first son who was two years old at the time.

Joven is a means for my husband and I to exercise our talents and a means of helping to support our family. I work mostly in the evenings while my children are sleeping or my husband is watching them.

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