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Wool Soakers

Joven Hand Made Wool Soakers

Joven's hand made wool soakers feature a crocheted body with knit ribbing and cuffs. The crochet serves to provide protection for over night use and heavy wetters while the ribbed waist and cuffs are ideal for elasticity and fit.   Choose from many colors.  Because all soakers are made to order please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

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Joven's Crocheted Wool Soakers are perfect for over night use or heavy-wetters.
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Joven's Crocheted Wool Soaker, front view
Joven's Crocheted Wool Soaker, back view
Sizes (Without Stretching):
11" 14" 12" 6"
14" 17" 15" 7.5" 3 - 6 months
16" 19" 17" 9.5" 6 - 12 months
18" 21" 19" 11" 12 -18 months
20" 21.5" 21" 12" 18 -24 months

Read about how to measure your baby for the perfect fit.

Joven's Knit Wool Shorts and Pants can also be used as soakers.

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Pricing: based on size
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*Premium Wool Yarns: add $10, Organic Wool Yarns: add $22

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water (do not wring) then lay flat to dry (roll in a clean towel to squeeze out excess moisture or run through spin cycle).  Lanolize when needed or wash with Joven's Lanolin Soap to maintain water proofing.

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