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Wool Diaper Covers

Joven Hand Made Wool Soakers and Stacinator Stretch Wool Diaper Covers

Wool is anti-bacterial and anti-microbal, and can absorb 30% of it's own weight in liquid before feeling wet.  Because of this wool soakers and diaper covers are a natural, breathable option for cloth diapering. Wool soakers only need to be washed approximately every 2-3 weeks unless soiled. If you allow them to air-dry between uses, you will find that they dry without a smell. This makes them enviornmentally friendly as well!

Joven produces it's own hand made, wool soakers with 100% wool and is also proud to carry Stacinator Stretch Wool Diaper covers.

Joven makes wool soakers, shorts and pants that are fabulous cloth diaper covers.
Stacinator Stretch Wool Diaper Covers are extrmely soft.
Joven Hand Made Wool Soakers
Stacinator Wool Diaper Covers

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