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EC Support

EC, also known as Elimination Communication, Infant Potty Training, Natural Infant Hygiene and Diaper Free is a gentle way of addressing your baby's toileting needs by offering an alternative to full-time diapering. As a family that practices Elimination Communication we are proud to offer products that will help in this fascinating and mindful journey.  New to EC?  Read about what you'll need to Start Elimination Communication from Birth.

EC Support- Potties
Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke
100% Organic Wool Mattress Protectors
Whamies Fun Prints Wet Bags


Get organic wipes and washcloths, as well as unbleached cotton wipes here.
EC Support- baby legs
Joven carries, Ecobaby Organics Cloth Diapers, Happy Hempys, Heiny Huggers, and unbleached prefolds


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