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Pur Rest 100% Organic Wool Mattress Protectors and Puddle Pads

Protect your mattress with 100% organic wool moisture pads.   These pads have been expertly felted to repel any liquids, urine and spills and are made with Organic Merino Wool mixed in for a super soft, dense feel.  Wool naturally repels dust mites, mold and is a natural flame retardant. Lay a cotton sheet on top to absorb puddles.

100% Organic Wool Mattress Protectors

Pur Rest Organic Wool Moisture Pads



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Sizes and Pricing *

(adult sizes have straps)

25" x 31"
18" x 36" $48.00
18" x 31" $42.00
39" x 76" $132.00 $250.00
54" x 76" $170.00 $310.00
61" x 80" $210.00 $310.00
80" x 81" $260.00
77" x 84" $270.00
* We can special order custom sizes too. Allow 2-3 weeks for fulfillment.


Spot clean or wash with a natural lanolin wool wash when needed. Because wool does not harbor bacteria or mold, these wool pads do not need constant washing. Oversized to be occasionally machine washed, hang dry.

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