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Cloth Diaper Accessories

Wet Bags, Diaper Pail Liners, Wipes, Doublers, Inserts, Snappi Diaper Fasteners and Organic Wool Mattress Protectors

Joven is proud to carry a variety of products to make cloth diapering easier.  Wet Bags are waterproof, cloth bags made for carrying soiled diapers or wet clothes while out and about. Diaper Pail Liners are very large water proof bags to keep all diaper laundry.  Cloth Wipes are an environmentally friendly way of wiping and washing after diaper changes.  Doublers and Inserts are perfect for making cloth diapers more absorbent. Snappi Diaper Fasteners are a wonderful alternative to diaper pins for keeping prefolds on your baby. Organic Wool Mattress Protectors keep your mattress from getting wet with all of the wonderful properties of wool.


Wet Bags are a must when traveling with a cloth diapered baby.
Diaper Pail Liners help keep your diaper pail fresh.
Cloth Wipes are a gentle way of keeping babies' skin clean.
Organic Cotton Sherpa Diaper Doublers
Stuffins are made for Happy Hempys diapers but may be used with any pocket diaper. Snappi Diaper Fasteners
Organic Wool Mattress Protectors


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