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Snappi® Diaper Fasteners

Eliminate the need for diaper pins with Snappi® Diaper Fasteners. The Snappi® has grips that hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug fitting diaper with enough natural movement for baby. It works best with cloth diapers with a loose enough weave for the snappi to hook into such as cotton prefolds and terry cloth diapers.

Snappi Diaper Fastener


How to use:

1. STRETCH the Snappi® fastener before its first use. The stretching triggers the 'memory' of the Snappi® to return to its original size and in so doing, pulls the diaper together to the middle to allow for a snug fit. As you do this you should feel how the material 'softens' or gets more elastic. Stretch each leg.

2. Make sure that your Snappi® is ATTACHED SECURELY. It is important that the Snappi® 'leg' being attached be stretched across the diaper before hooking it into the diaper. So,

Hook Left,
Stretch ACROSS and Hook Right,
Stretch DOWN and Hook Center


1. ALWAYS use a cover when using a Snappi® fastener on your baby’s diaper.

2. Keep out of children’s reach when not in use!

3. Do not cut your Snappi®. This could create weak spots in your Snappi®.

4. INSPECT your Snappi® before each use and discontinue use immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of the teeth or any other parts.

In other words, the Snappi® fastener should go from a ‘T’ shape to a ‘Y’ shape.

By following these instructions, the Snappi® should be secure, the diaper will fit snugly and the baby should not be able to undo it.


5. Do not use your Snappi® for longer than 6 months.

6. Do not leave your Snappi® lying in the sun. It is not UV resistant and this can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi®.

7. The best way to clean to your Snappi® is to wash in warm soapy water. Do not launder them with diapers in the washer as this may weaken the grip attachment.

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